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The informational activities are carried out both in the Main Library and its branch libraries: in the Main Library in the traditional and computerized forms and in the branch libraries on the basis of traditional sources of information.
The basic place of rendering scientific information accessible from medicine, pharmaceutical sciences and related fields is the Reference Room led in two-shift system by highly qualified personnel.
Catalog information
The informational activities include catalog information concerning own collection and collections of other medical libraries, i.e. help in finding a document in proper catalog or information about possibilities of borrowing it from other institutions in Poland or abroad. Section of Scientific Information possesses current catalogs of periodical holdings in Polish libraries and in British Medical Association Library in London. On the basis of Internet the informational activities are widened of other sources of information as catalogs of other scientific institutions in Poland and abroad, databases, information about new publications etc.

Address information
The next field of activities is address information, concerning Polish and foreign scientific institutions - the Section also has current addresses, telephones and faxes of all scientific institutions and organizations editing medical periodicals in Poland and abroad, and also people and institutions carrying out scientific activities.

Bibliographic information
The personnel of the Section prepares bibliographic specifications for a particular topic based on computer databases - mainly Medline and the database of Polish medical literature of the Main Medical Library and Bibliography of Poznan University of Medical Sciences The Bibliography includes all publications and doctor theses of the faculty of the University, until 1990 in the form of a book, and from 1991 - a book and a database with some abstracts in English included. The Section of Scientific Information cooperates with the editorial board of the Bibliography choosing the papers and preparing their bibliographical description. All information coming from the databases can be rendered accessible in the printed form or in the form of files on diskettes.

There is also direct current information led upon the contents from chosen periodicals based on original materials and bibliographic databases.

Citation verification of bibliographic data
On the basis of databases, informational publications and source documents citation verification of bibliographic data is done (missing pages of articles, authors, titles of articles and periodicals) in order to prepare them for publication and academic dissertations.

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