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Accessing materials

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Forms of accession

  • Circulation
  • interlibrary loan
  • Presentation in reading rooms


    The self-service Circulation facility offers textbooks and supplementary literature for the specific courses taught at the University. Library materials kept in storage are ordered using the special retrieval request forms, rewersy.

    The number of books that may be borrowed from the Circulation collection and the loan duration are limited depending on the library privileges available to the borrower and on the status of his/her HORIZON account:

    • managers of the various University organizational units — 30 books for the period of one academic year,
    • University lecturers and Ph.D. students — 20 books for one academic year,
    • University students — 10 books for one semester,
    • others — 5 books for one month.
    You must be registered with the Main Library in the HORIZON computer system in order to borrow library materials. To register, you must supply the following identification documents:

  • University employees and students need to present the Polish national ID card, dowód osobisty, and either an employee or a student ID card; foreign nationals need to present their passport, and if available temporary stay card [?], and either an employee or a student ID
  • employees and students of other Universities must have an active library account in the HORIZON system at their University, a library card, and the Polish national ID card, dowód osobisty, as well as either an employee or a student ID card.

  • Fees for library usage in academic year 2018/2019:

    Library Card 12,00 zł
    a duplicate for Library Card 12,00 zł
    activation of an account for an academic year for staff and students of members of Poznań Foundation of Scientific Libraries 12,00 zł
    activation of an account for an academic year for other users 120,00 zł
    statutory fine for overdue materials per day per volume 0,20 zł


    The goal of the inter-library loans is to allow readers access to materials that are not part of the Main Library collection and/or of other libraries in Poznan.

    Inter-library loan service is available to:
  • University employees, students, and Ph.D. students,
  • employees of the healthcare providers working in the Wielkopolska region,
  • national and international libraries
  • Polish science and academic research institutions.

  • The inter-library loans exclude the following types of materials:
  • M.A. dissertations and B.A. theses,
  • databases and collections stored on electronic media devices,
  • works that are out of print, e.g., old prints.

  • Materials obtained from other libraries as part of the inter-library loan are made available for reading access only in the Main Library Reading Room.

    Range of accession

    The Library collection is open to everybody but there are various limitations for different user groups, defined by Regulations of the Main Library.


    Presentation of the collection takes place in reading rooms of the Main Library as well as of the branch, faculty and institute libraries.

    In General Reference Room there are mainly handbooks, textbooks, atlases, dictionaries and encyclopedias.

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